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Creative Design Briefing

Welcome to our online creative briefing form. In order to impose control in the design process, we will ask you a few simple questions concerning your business and project. It is not necessary to complete the entire form, just the essential information related to your project.

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Your project is related to:*
1. Key Characteristics

What is and who uses your products/services?

  • How and where is it used?
  • What do your customers think of it?
2. Market / Performance

Where does your product/service fit in the market? eg Market leader or a niche market

3. Competitive analysis

Who are your main competitors?

  • How are they positioned in the market?
  • How are you different from them?
  • Why are they more/less successful?

Please provide their web site address if possible.

4. Previous Communication undertaken
What and when and was it successful?
5. Creative Requirements

What is to be produced? eg website, logo etc.

  • What is the desired overall look and feel? eg classy, natural, corporate etc.
  • Is this stand alone, or part of an ongoing project?
6. Specific to Web Design
How many pages (roughly) do you plan to have on your site?

Are there particular features you would like for your website? eg Creation of easily update-able live areas, credit card processing etc.

7. Target Audience

Who is the desired target audience?

  • How do they view the product/service?
  • How do they use it? eg daily
  • Where do they use it? eg work  

What do you want the design work to achieve?

  • increase awareness?
  • change attitudes?
  • sell products?
Do you want the website targeted to specific countries? If so, please list.
8. Unique Selling Point

What makes your product/service unique?

  • What is the most important message you want to communicate?
  • What facts support your unique selling point? eg sales and survey figures, customer feedback.
9. Other web specifics
I have a domain name reserved Yes No
Existing or desired Domain Name
Include a list of up to twenty 'key words' that relate to your business, eg what you do or sell. These key words will help the Internet search engines locate and list your site.
10. Time Frame
Please specify your desired time frame and/or deadline.
11. Your Details

Your Full name*
Your email address*
Street number and name*
Postal code* City*
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