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Dynamic Content Application Development

Along with our HTML design, We build effective dynamic content applications for a wide variety of businesses. We can work with you to understand how dynamic content relates to your company. We can can add functionality and give your site a 'live' feel so that it is active, fresh and intelligent. We'll help successfully implement solutions for you.

Dynamic content is any information that is assembled only when it is requested. It does not exist as a document; rather, it exists as a series of content objects that are then assembled in response to the user’s requests or requirements. We define "dynamic" as some combination of these aspects:
Merges information from databases and other sources with web page templates to provide up-to-date content. This also enables large sites to be built without creating each page by hand.
Enables complex user interactions such as online ordering, database searching and workflow management.
Responds to the unique needs and inputs of your site visitors.
Encourages timely, frequent updates by making it easy for everyone in your organization to manage their content.
Adapts to your needs for growth and change , allowing new content and sections to be added with ease.
Below are just some of the web development and programming possibilities:
Shopping Carts
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Transaction reporting and tracking
Database driven web sites
Newsletter subscription application
Web security
Ecommerce web site design
Web forums
Directory search sites
Search engines for web sites
Content Management System (CMS)
News Article management
Product Showcases
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
File management online(upload/download)
PDF writer
Online payment services
We customize an application to suit your needs, complete our creative brief to see how. Verrex Communications Inc. believes that the quality of our work best determines our success. If you have any questions regarding a certain dynamic development, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 647 800 7234 and speak with any of our friendly sales representatives. We are standing by to help answer your questions.


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