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Dynamic Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic content applications are largely accomplished through PHP/ MySQL,, solutions. Using these technologies Verrex Communications Inc. can provide website's that allow minnows to compete with the largest whales. Get On - Be Seen
What is a Dynamic Application?
What is the difference between static pages and dynamic pages?
How do I know if I need a Web Application on my web site?
How BIG of a budget do i need?
What programming languages are used by Verrex programmers?
How long will it take to create my web site?
Which is better, PHP or ASP?
What is a "data-base" driven web site?
What does "Client-Side" vs. "Server-Side" Execution mean?
What kinds of Dynamic applications can be built?

What is a Dynamic Application?

A Dynamic Application is a broad term generally used to describe a web page that performs a specific function or task. The function can be querying a data-base (Google), or obtaining a real-time Cost Estimate. An e-commerce shopping cart system is another very common example of a Dynamic Application. ALL Applications by necessity must be powered by an Internet Programming Language (C#, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, etc.) as HTML alone is not capable of providing this level of sophistication.

What is the difference between static pages and dynamic pages?

Dynamic pages are pages that are created on the fly by the webserver using a specific software installed (ColdFusion, PHP, Active Server pages, Java Server Pages, WebObjects, LASSO, etc). The Server parses the code using a template html page, which can also contain content from a database or other place (XML or more). A static page is any html or other file (.pdf, .swf .php, .asp, .cfm) not served out of content from a database.

How do I know if I need a Web Application on my web site?

Whether or not you need a Web Application depends on your goals, desires, budget and the nature of your business. Web Applications are all about "functionality" so it depends on what kind of functionality you want your web site to offer. Do you want it to do math, like an e-commerce site (adding up the total in a shopping cart order)? Do you want to display a booking calendar that is easily up-datable and/or can be searched by date? Do you want to provide real-time quotes? If so, you are a candidate for a Web Application because HTML alone is not capable of providing this level of interactivity.

How BIG of a budget do i need?

An important choice to make, is whether to pursue a custom solution or buy one 'off the shelf'. An 'off the shelf' solution ($15000 to $150,000) can potentially save you time as a lot of the work has been done for you, and the initial cost can be relatively high. A custom solution is probably cheaper in the short term and good as a 'proof of concept'. It is likely to lack the functionality of the 'off the shelf' products initially, and will take longer to develop for a fully fledged system. You do however get the benefit of a solution which is adaptable to your exact needs.

What programming languages are used by Verrex programmers?

We employ several programming languages to meet the specific need of each project. Such as HTML, DHTML, XHTML, PHP, PERL, Flash ActionScripts, cgi, javascript, JAVA. Most often we find that PHP is the best language to utilize as it is not as bulky or complex as some languages, it's quite stable, and faster to program complex solutions with.

How long will it take to create my web site?

This is a hard question to answer but typically an average web site takes between 3-5 Weeks to complete and involves on average about 20-100 hours to complete. The number of hours fluctuates based on site functionality, graphic elements needed and custom programming involved. The most important factor that effects our turn around is typically client feedback.

Which is better, PHP or ASP?

Although ASP can be run on Linux, it is still generally a Microsoft product and as such you will incur Various license costs that are avoided with the use of PHP which is open source software. The abundance of open source PHP applications also simplifies the design process significantly and cuts costs.

PHP code generally runs faster than ASP, as ASP relies on the COM model which requires more processor overhead than PHP which runs in its own memory space.

Future Proof?
PHP is generally seen as the advancing technology over ASP and due ito its wide user base is expected to expand incrementally over coming years. While ASP has generally been seen as the choice for e-commerce applications, PHP development has caught up to the point now where it matches ASP reliability but has added flexibility and cost-effectiveness.We are able to code sites in either language but we generally recommend a PHP/ MySQL solution as a first alternative.

What is a "data-base" driven web site?

A data-base driven web site or page is a specific and common type of Web Application. It is a site that receives it's content (as displayed on the page) from an external data source. Unlike ordinary HTML pages, the content (data), is completely separated from the HTML based web page. The data is "retrieved on the fly" and is "fed into" the page at run time (at that moment when the person actually views the page). As a result, data-base driven pages, by necessity, contain advanced code enabling them to interface (communicate) with the data-base. A data-base driven web page typically takes the following steps:

  1. The user enters search criteria into a form indicating the desired records OR this information is "pre-programmed" into a link itself. User may also indicate how these records should be sorted.
  2. A program (data-base interface software) receives the user's search criteria (whether user entered it into a text field or it was pre-programmed into a link) and passes it to the Data-Base.
  3. The Data-Base returns it's results (records) to the data-base interface software which is responsible for inserting HTML tags into the returned records to create "HTML formatted text".
  4. Finally, the data-base interface software writes a web page (on the fly) with this HTML formatted data so that it may be displayed in a Web Browser.

Smaller data-base driven web sites can be implemented entirely with client-side technology like JavaScript. However, when the data set itself is large, server side technology must be used in conjunction with traditional "back end" data-stores like XML, Access or SQL-Server.


What does "Client-Side" vs. "Server-Side" Execution mean?

You may have heard statements like "it runs on the client" or "it runs on the server". Technically, it means, where does the web application (app) execute, on the web browser running on the client's machine or on the server BEFORE it loads into the client's machine. The differences are drastic:

    1. Client side web app's are usually written in JavaScript since this programming language is supported by all modern browsers.
    2. The actual execution of the web app takes place in the web browser on the client's machine in real time. This architecture provides for very high performance because it eliminates the undesirable overhead of server requests for each interaction.
    3. Client side web app's feel very "software like" because their response to user interaction is immediate.
    1. Server side web app's must be written in a language that is native to the server. Therefore, the language used must be supported by your particular server. Typical server side languages include C#, Perl, PHP, Java & Visual Basic Script among others.
    2. The actual execution of the web app takes place on the server when it receives a request by the web browser.
    3. Servers side programming is commonly used for data-base driven web sites, email-form processing, chat rooms, user log-ins, etc. etc

What kinds of Dynamic applications can be built?

The following is a sample of the sorts of applications that could be integrated into a quality website for your business.

A : B : C : D : E : F : G ... L : M : N : O : P : Q : R : S : T : U

Auctions: place auctions and classifieds on your website. It supports ads, bidding, user account management.

Bookmark Management: customizable full featured favorite web links management. Online administration interface with unlimited number of bookmark categories and subcategories and bookmarks.

Calculators: perform a range of functions including Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, take the Sin, covert to Hex, square root, and more from your website.

Converters: convert measurements such as degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit; centimeters and inches; meters and feet; kilometers and miles; kilograms and pounds; milliliters to ounces on your website.

Calendars: attractive calendars for display on your events page, your home page, or anywhere you need a calendar. Easily customize colors, font sizes, table sizes and much more. Ability to toggle highlighting today's date, whether you want to display the year in the title.

Chat: interactive; public as well as private chatting; different groups of users with different options; user logs and chat statistics. Instant messaging and buddy relay.

Classifieds: ad listing programs for:

  • automobile, vehicles, boats
  • jobs and employment
  • personals and matchmaking
  • real estate properties, rentals, roommates
  • multipurpose & misc.

Content Management: easy, quick, very affordable, and visual (WYSIWYG - What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) way to edit a pre-defined web page content area through a browser. Full-featured web content management solutions enabling anybody to create and update the content of their Internet website as well as their Intranet and Extranet website's. A range of affordable and scalable systems to everybody's budget and requirements.

Countdowns: count down the days remaining until a specific day on your web site.

Counters: real time, image and text based, counter and statistics module. secure login/sessions using administrator password, changing admin password online, daily statistics - subpage/date/time/weekday/IP/host, summary statistics - IP total access, unique IP access, divided by subpage's sending detailed daily statistics to e-mail

Customer Support: Help desk, customer relationship management, trouble ticket systems, Real-time customer service applications that allow you to chat with customers, communicate with anyone coming to your web site in real time. Asset tracking systems built for IT departments and Help Desks. Manage support tickets easily with priority systems to make sure everyone is served in time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications designed to help you better identify, attract, retain, service and support customers. Organize and manage your customers and accounts with ease and powerful functionality.

Date & Time: displaying the current time in a digital clock on your web page, you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display.

Discussion Boards: fast, efficient discussion boards. Features include: posting, replying, private messages, polls, username/ip banning, strong encryption for storing passwords, user rankings, very advanced access control for private forums, full templating.


  • Barcodes: generate Code 3 of 9 barcodes. Great for databases and inventory tracking.
  • Billing Systems: account and automated billing management programs. Send out payment due notices accept payments by credit cards & cheque.
  • Credit Card Processing: process secure credit card transactions through the gateway. Two Checkout lets you build support for accepting payments via You simply pass the order amount and invoice number to this script and it constructs the proper URL and redirects the visitor to the 2Checkout site. Place the SNAP ( button on your website to collect payments and deliver content from your website.
  • Ebay Tracker: Post-Sale System allows eBay sellers to more efficiently keep track of their sales and winning bidder information, automatically send bidders e-mails.
  • Online Catalogs: If you have a great quantity of data to put on your site, a dynamic catalogue is a powerful tool: the updates are easy and the site remains up to date. build an on-line catalog and let your potential buyers browse your products by category, search by keyword, and make an inquiry on any items they select. Your sales rep. can view inquiries and quote them a price base on the term your buyers submit. You can also review the buyer's basic information and history to decide what price appropriate. Also includes mailing list to inform those potential buyers for a new product.
  • Online Mall: shopping mall systems designed as a wide area e-commerce solution. It is an all-in-one solution for homes, stores, and mall administrators. Consumer driven solutions with a classified ads system to serve the local community.
  • PayPal: simple and secure e-commerce solutions that integrate your goods and services online. Customizable paypal stores and full web sites, create as many pages as you want and add as many products as you like, add pictures, prices, tax, shipping and more.
  • Quote Systems: database driven request systems designed to replace any standard email request system. You can setup multiple administrators that can login and respond to quote requests from any PC on the internet.
  • Shopping Carts: allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs involved. Create a system capable of performing all of the functions needed to do business online. Demo here:
  • Store Locators: keep track of your dealers with a Web-based application. Your visitors may search by name, distance, city, and postcode

Education Administration: dynamically integrate traditional student management tasks into one simple to use web solution accessible through a standard web browser. With the click of a mouse, authorized users have immediate access to informative data including: student details, attendance, academic records, course information, lesson content, homework assignments, and more. Users can produce customized lists, helpful graphs and perform a variety of valuable education related tasks.

Education Online Learning: Teach your courses online. Allow your teachers to teach without having to be bogged down in technology. Build a community between teachers and students and students to students. Attach videos, sound, pictures, documents and downloads to reinforce the lessons. Let the students respond to questions in the lessons and discuss ideas among themselves.

Email Systems:

  • Auto responders: unlimited numbers of auto responders on your website.
  • Reminders: multi user e-mail based reminder service that allows you to specify one-time or recurring events and automatically reminds you of them by sending an e-mail notifying you of the particular event.
  • Web Mail: Reply, reply-to-all, reply-to-list, forward (as-attachment); Folder support; Address book

FAQ and Knowledge base: Search functions, FAQ rating system, Email FAQ-entry or FAQ-list, Admin's can post FAQ-list to newsgroup, Users can write comments on FAQ, post questions to the moderators, attach files to FAQ. Ideal for developing support pages for service based website's. or any application where an organized presentation of information in a topic/subtopic format is required.

Finance: Mortgage Calculator is a script that can be used to figure out monthly payments and amortization of a home mortgage loan, based on the home's sale price, the term of the loan desired, buyer's down payment percentage, and the loan's interest rate.

Form Processors: interactive form script to receive your users' comments, feedbacks, suggestions or information. It can be used to create as many forms as possible with different form fields such as file upload, text box, check box, radio button, selection list etc.

Games: multiplayer online gaming, cards, casino, RPG, strategy, hangman, role-playing, combat, and diplomacy. Perhaps an automated league system that allows you to easily organize an online league. eg.

Groupware Tools: communication and management of teams and companies via Intranet and Internet. Group calendar with resource booking, time card system, project management, request tracker, mail client, mutual file system, contact manager, mail client, forum, chat, notes, todo lists, voting system, reminder and more.

Guest books: message post preview, templates, e-mail notification, page spanning , picture upload, templates, html tags handling, smiles. Admin scripts let you modify, view, and delete messages.

Gallery: customizable community photo gallery application that allows you and your site's users to upload photos to categories and post forum style comments about the uploaded photos. Create navigation web pages easily that include high-quality thumbnails, captions, Next/Previous links, and user-controlled slide show mode.

Link indexing: portal solutions that allow you to run a complex Yahoo-style directory on your web site. The engine is entirely template-driven, it features dynamic presentation of data and includes multiple customizable features.

Mailing List Managers: newsletter distribution tools. Let visitors subscribe to your newsletter list and you create and send text or HTML newsletters to your entire subscribe list directly from your web browser.

Multimedia & Music: turn your collection of MP3s into a fully-featured streaming Web site with dynamic playlist generation. Many other formats are supported, including: WMA, OGG, MPG, AVI, WMV. Personal and shared playlists, personal options, and for administrative users, it includes system settings, search engine update and user editor. Media Gallery that showcases any form of Media.

News Publishing: update the news on your web site from anywhere in the world. Control panel to add/delete/edit news posts and users, delete/edit comments and edit the news configuration; Users can view and add comments; Secure logins using cookies; Full set of smiles in various colors.

Organizers: online address book applications. Secure multi-user, multi-group support, web admin to create user accounts, allows users to add entries to their own address book, address book can be public, or private, a comfortable interface and search capabilities. Phone Directory is a very enhanced personal directory complete with clickable links from the information you input such as Email Addresses and Home Pages.

Polls and Voting: Run unlimited multi-page surveys with unlimited questions and answers. Avoid duplicates using IP Addresses, Cookies or even Verified Email Addresses. View summarized, detailed and individual survey results. Creation and modification of polls is made extremely easy through a web-based administration page

Portal Systems: Community based website's., news system, online community, gamers clan, central internet hubs. An automated web site to distribute news and articles with user system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, links and resources. Web based admin, polls/surveys with comment option, statistics, user customizable box, themes manager, forum with moderation system, Download manager, faq manager, chat, block content system, reviews, newsletter, multilanguage content management, encyclopedia generator and much more.

Postcards: virtual greeting cards, JPEG, GIF and FLASH animations; multiple recipients, password protected control panel, custom postcard image/flash upload. The card configurations for users include: font face, color, & size, background co lour, and option to receive a notification e-mail when recipient pickup the greeting card.

Productivity Applications:

  • Airline Reservations System: manage multiple airlines, schedules, fares, multiple agents can log in and users can view deals reserve online and pay with either a credit card, check or cash.
  • Asset Management: create, edit and print purchase orders and invoices and maintain a database of your capital assets for tracking purposes.
  • Time Sheets: web-based organizer and time sheet designed to help manage your company's human resources more effectively.
  • Payroll: automation of the payroll systems of a company. Users will be able to clock in and clock out from a simple web browser. User Clock in and Clock out can be controlled by specifying specific IP addresses from which the latter can clock in and out for work.
  • Hotel booking and administering systems: multiple administrator and user options with logging all of their actions, and collect full statistics covering results of booking the rooms on each day. For clients: quick rooms booking, registering on the site, obtaining discounts, and credit card paying.
  • Job Manager: enables employment and staff recruitment agency to fully automate their business process thereby able to improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost to increase competitive advantages.
  • Point Of Sale: keeping track of customers, items, inventory, and generate reports based on sales.
  • Cinema: cinema booking administration system, online seat booking and ticket printing with advertising on it, cinema POS with barcode, statistics, and more.
  • Residence: manage weekly or daily rental of house apartments or small hotel rooms.
  • Inventory: hardware inventory system, look at a host and all its peripherals.
  • Sermons: content management solution to automatically add sermons, music or other content to your church web site with instant accessibility.

Quote Display: "quote-of-the-day scripts" put any number of quotes/messages/whatever into the database, and then the script will show one quote every day. When all quotes have been shown, the script starts from the beginning of the quotes again.

Randomizing: may generate random links, images, numbers or anything you want, including tips, quotes, banners or pictures, in sequence, randomly or periodical (per hour, day or week).

Reviews: provide a list of books read, with commentary. Allow users to upload their own picture and to rate others' pics from 1 to 10. Includes scripts to display the 10 best, 10 worst, and 10 newest images!

Search Engine: world wide web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet. Not meant to replace internet-wide search systems like Lycos, Infoseek, and Google. Meant to cover the search needs for a single company, or web site.

Shout Box: a text area where your visitors can leave a short message on your website.

Site Map: generates a tree view of all directories and web documents of your server. Read all subdirectories and determine automatically whether it was placed in the main directory of the server or in a subdirectory.

Site Navigation: tree menus, dynamic rollovers, fold-outs, floating menus and more.

Software Repository: project database systems that allow you to provide users with personal project homepages. User registration and authentication, Forums system for each project, search engine, category support and more.

Tests & Quizzes: create short quizzes for visitors; comments, statistics , page splitting, question randomizing. An administrator can create different users, groups, and subjects to add questions to. Users can also have partial admin access to a specific group or subject. Tests can be scheduled by date and all results are saved and scored automatically.

User Authentication: automatic recurring billing, affiliates, income tracking, and protects access to digital media. Supports free and paid subscriptions and memberships.

User Management: browser based admin panel for easy management of your subscription areas and users. Versatile integration into almost any payment processor.

We customize an application to suit your needs, complete our creative brief to see how. Verrex Communications Inc. believes that the quality of our work best determines our success. If you have any questions regarding a certain dynamic development, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 647 800 7234 and speak with any of our friendly sales representatives. We are standing by to help answer your questions.


The Apache Software Foundation
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language
Effective MySQL Management
The world's most popular open source database
Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information
ASP.NET is a technology for building powerful, dynamic Web applications
phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package
osCommerce is an Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution
PostNuke is software that creates an impressive, dynamic web site
XOOPS is an extensible, easy to use dynamic web content management system
XHTML™ 1.0 The Extensible HyperText Markup Language