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Web Graphics and Banner Ads

Being bombarded with an immeasurable amount of visual information everyday, it is paramount to catch and hold the attention of your audience. At Verrex Communications, we take on this challenge daily using our own unique approach. We see design as the implementation of aesthetics and information to visually communicate ideas and emotions. Presentation is everything, especially in today's sophisticated marketplace. A slick image has a crucial impact upon your audience because they see the messenger before they read the message. Make it look good, pure and simple.

Banner ad designs come in a range of sizes and can be static or animated.

$90 Custom Static Images or Banners
Send us your logo or other graphic and your preferred ad copy. We'll design a clean, professional static banner ad to your specifications. If you want us to locate a suitable graphic or write the ad copy, add $20.
$100 Custom Animated Images or Banners
Your animated banner will be unique ... with your logo, images, and copy. These banners are generally the standard 468x60 pixel, less than 10K type of banner used by the free banner exchanges (like LinkExchange) and for paid advertising with search engines like Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos.
$170 Custom Animated Images or Banners
Don't know what copy will work for your ad? Then you may need to contract the creative services of our talented designers. We will integrate the best graphics, original copy, and proven advertising techniques into an effective, attention-grabbing animated image that works!
$220 Custom Animated Images or Banners
Tell us your general idea, purpose, and target audience and we will unite your genius to ours to create a truly original and effective banner design. Animated banners of this caliber usually employ more complicated animation techniques and are used for paid advertising where larger file size is allowed. HTML/CGI FLASH Custom Interactive Banners also start in this price category.

Below are the most common sizes but we can produce any size you require.







Resizing and Repurposing

Resizing* Fee: $10 per banner for static and $20 per banner for animated
Repurposing** Fee: $20 per banner for static and $30 for animated

Verrex Communications Inc. believes that the quality of our work best determines our success. If you have any questions regarding a banner ad design, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are standing by to help answer your questions. Get On - Be Seen


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