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Template Design Customization Options

1. Additional services 5. Changing layout 9.  Customizing menu
2. Changing color scheme 6. Changing resolution 10. Logotype operations
3. Changing flash area 7. Changing text 11. Unique templates designing
4. Changing images 8. Creating a content page 12. Script prices
  Customization type Results
1. Additional services
PSD slicing and HTML import The whole page
Recoding the non-flash part of the template to be editable in FrontPage (all text & images) The whole page
2. Changing color scheme
Changing colors similar to colors of existing website The whole page
Changing colors to match new element The whole page
Changing colors to new style The whole page
3. Changing flash area
Adding new object in flash intro header One item
Adding rollover effect Flash menu
Animating an image One item
Changing any image in flash area With customer images
Changing background in flash intro header One scene
Changing color scheme One item
Changing complex text in flash area One item
Changing flash intro theme One item
Changing music in a flash area With customer SFX
Changing text in flash area phrases in flash
Creating flash animated header from nonflash template One item
Creating flash intro header The whole page
Creating unique flash intro With customer images
Customizing graphic items (icons, styles, etc.) The whole page
Customizing menu changing button
Designing and adding preloader to flash area The whole page
Inserting new content (text, images, changing layout) The whole page
4. Changing images
Changing an image in the header Customer's images
Changing any image under the header Customer's images
Inserting image of the same style (collage, vector) Customer's images
Replacing (relocating) of images The whole page
5. Changing layout
Adding new graphic elements (search field, login, etc) New page elements
Changing layout to be like at existing website The whole page
Changing layout to client specifications The whole page
6. Changing resolution
Changing resolution of Flash template to a new one The whole page
Changing resolution of non-Flash template to a new one The whole page
Changing resolution to fit 100% width The whole page
7. Changing text
Changing graphical text (headlines, banners, etc.) The whole page
Changing text and replacing existing text boxes The whole page
Changing text in existing text box The whole page
Inserting new text content (text, images) The whole page
8. Creating a content page
Different header, but the same style Non-Flash page
Flash header page
The same header & footer Non-Flash page
Flash header page
9. Customizing menu
Activating menu Non-Flash menu
Adding or removing a button Non-Flash menu
Adding rollover effect Non-Flash menu
Customizing graphic items (icons, buttons, etc.) HTML
Customizing HTML menu Non-Flash menu
10. Logotype operations
Adding 3D logotype Customer's logotype
Changing graphical text Customer's logo
Changing logotype Customer's logotype
Creating and adding unique 3D logotype Customer's logotype
Creating and adding unique logotype 3 versions to choose
Replacing (relocating) logotype The whole page
11. Unique template designing
Changing template theme The whole page
Design a non-flash unique template The whole page
Design a unique flash template The whole page
12. Script prices
Advertisement Management A system that allows you to add, display and manage your advertisements
Chat Script Let people meet each other and communicate via web based chat script
Contact Form Receive feedback, order information, etc. to your e-mail from visitors of your website
Counter Learn more about the visitors to your site. Track bandwidth and traffic usage. Discover your visitors browsers or resolution with the powerful state system
Date and Time Display current date or time on your site. A full profit calendar, maybe?
Discussion Board (Forum) Put a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable bulletin board into your site
Domain Search Allow your users to check domain name availability right from your site.
E-Commerce Put your products on sale via Internet. Manage your  items, shipping and orders online with our powerful shopping cart system
Error Handling Replace the ugly error pages  (e.g. "404 File Not Found", etc.) with template native ones
FAQ Supply your visitors with the answers for the most frequently asked questions shopping cart system
File Manipulation This script gives you the possibility to upload and manage files that you want your users to have access to
Google Search Integrate all the power of Google search engine into your website
Guestbook Allow your visitors to leave their comments about your site for you and other visitors
Image Gallery and Manipulations This script allows you to create an online image gallery with automatic thumbnail generation and many other useful features
Mailing List Manager Send newsletters to you visitors. Allow them to subscribe to multiple mailing lists at one time
Poll (Voting) Create an online poll, with possibility to view voting archives
Postcard Allow people to send image and flash postcards from your website
Site Recommendation Place "Tell a Friend" script to your site to increase your traffic
Sitemap Automatic The automatic site mapper will update your sitemap page every time you add pages to your site
Sitemap Manual  
Top Site Create your own website ratings based on users clicks



The Apache Software Foundation
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language
Effective MySQL Management
The world's most popular open source database
Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information
ASP.NET is a technology for building powerful, dynamic Web applications
phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package
osCommerce is an Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution
PostNuke is software that creates an impressive, dynamic web site
XOOPS is an extensible, easy to use dynamic web content management system
XHTML™ 1.0 The Extensible HyperText Markup Language